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Sean A. Ahrens, CPP

Security, Vulnerability, Threat Sayer/Slayer & Premise Liability Security Expert Witness

Get a comprehensive storefront safety assessment by Sean Ahrens and Robert Reiter. Our experts will identify potential risks and provide tailored solutions to prevent crashes and improve safety

Sean A. Ahrens, CPP, is the security market leader with the powerhouse Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) - a leading engineering firm in the United States known for its exceptional engineering solutions and leadership for complex projects supporting clients who improve lives and protect the future.

A self-proclaimed "risk-slayer" who specializes in workplace violence, premises liability, asset protection, and resiliency leader with extensive experience in security management. He is widely recognized for his professional achievements on a global scale and specializes in organizational resiliency, vulnerability, threat, risk, mitigation strategies, crisis management, and innovation.

As a resiliency expert, Sean provides comprehensive assessments of existing conditions, including threat and vulnerability evaluations, and shrinkage and loss audits, and develops advanced physical, technical, and operational security programming for various facility types. He also assists building owners in understanding industry best practices and implementing holistic security management protocols and surveillance solutions to safeguard corporate assets, maximize occupant safety, and ensure short- and long-term quality assurance.

With over twenty years of experience, Sean has focused on developing and administering cost-effective programs to reduce security exposures in both domestic and international markets. He has led multiple strategies and security implementations in healthcare, transportation, government, and commercial sectors, resulting in the creation of robust security management programs.

Storefronts Physical Security Expert

I have worked with several clients and detected a wide range of vulnerabilities that are expressed through architecture, security technology, and operations.


Working as a security expert in Chicago, Illinois, I have witnessed, documented, and recommended controls for common vulnerabilities, which, if uncorrected, could lead to loss.

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