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Robert Reiter

Co-Founder of the Storefront Safety Council, Principal at Reiter and Reiter Consulting Inc. Security and Safety expert.

Trust the expertise of Sean Ahrens and Robert Reiter for storefront safety solutions. Contact us today to make your business safer and more secure.

Rob is a safety and security specialist with expertise in perimeter protection and retail and pedestrian safety. For more than twenty-five years, Rob has focused his efforts on the protection of people and property from accidental or deliberate vehicle incursions or attacks.

In addition to high-security facilities, this includes public areas where people work, play, and shop in close proximity to vehicles, such as retail centers, sports venues, public and private malls, outdoor dining areas, transportation hubs, parking lots, and tourist areas.

He is currently Secretary of the ASTM F12-10 subcommittee that develops test standards for anti- terrorist high-security barriers and Co-Chairman of the subcommittee that sets testing standards for low-speed safety barriers in pedestrian and public environments. He has been a voting member of the ASTM F-12 committee for more than 16 years.

Rob is also the Chairman of the Perimeter Security committee for the Security Industry Association.

Having proposed and founded the subcommittee in 1999, he oversees groups currently writing standards and best practices for Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA) as well as educational resources for architects, engineers, and specifiers regarding crash testing standards for safety and security barriers and updating standards for barrier descriptions and capability claims.

Each year, Rob puts on the annual Capitol Hill Symposium series for the SIA, pulling in government and industry professionals on safety and security topics of national interest.

In 2012 Rob co-founded the Storefront Safety Council to bring research, data, and solutions to the problem of vehicle-into-building crashes into stores, restaurants, offices, and public spaces. The Storefront Safety Council has helped to lead the fight for local ordinances and stronger building codes in California, Massachusetts, and Florida, as well as ongoing efforts both locally and nationally.

The Council maintains the largest database of private property vehicle-into-building crashes outside of government and the insurance industry. The results of this research are published annually and provide the most current information about the causes and frequency of such incidents, as well as demographic and geographic details. This data has been audited by Lloyd’s of London, which confirmed that the data methodology is effective and competent and that the data obtained is
reliable. This data is used by safety experts and safety and risk managers, as well as planners, engineers, and property owners.

Your expert in perimeter security and retail and pedestrian safety

I am a co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council. I consult with industry, with companies, and as an expert in litigation involving the foreseeability and preventability of vehicle-into-building and vehicle-into-pedestrian crashes nationally.

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