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Preventing Storefront Crashes with Expert Security Solutions

Working together to prevent

vehicle-into-building crashes where we work, play, shop, and eat.


Did you know that vehicle incursion happen over 36,000 times per year, more than 100 times per day, and once every 15 minutes? They can result in property damage costing from a few hundred dollars to settlements and damage awards in the many millions of dollars.

That's why AEI has partnered with the Storefront Safety Council to create a revolutionary assessment process to proactively identify, prioritize, and prevent the loss of life caused by vehicle incursions. Our proprietary database and public sources allow us to provide a comprehensive solution that is the first of its kind. 

Trust the expertise of Sean Ahrens and Robert Reiter for storefront safety solutions. Contact us today to make your business safer and more secure.
Get a comprehensive storefront safety assessment by Sean Ahrens and Robert Reiter. Our experts will identify potential risks and provide tailored solutions to prevent crashes and improve safety
Bollard Installation by Ahrens and Reiter

What We Do

Our security experts work with you to create tailored solutions that are effective.



We conduct thorough assessments of storefronts to identify potential safety risks and vulnerabilities. 



Our team can help you create a safe and secure storefront that not only looks great but also protects pedestrians and property.



We provide education and resources to business owners, property owners, developers, and public servants to raise awareness of the importance of storefront safety.

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